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Hello, My Name is…

First impressions are always hard.

In fact, we make decisions about a person within one-tenth of a second after meeting someone. (stop analyzing me!) And since gays usually have the most discriminating tastes, I’m sure they have a very finely-tuned discimina-dar. Hmm, I should trademark that…

Anyway, being gay is not easy. Therefore, this blog will exist to make life a little better for us.

For now, there will be three main themes to this blog:

Love 2.0 

(dating, relationships, sex, and emotional tips)

Intelligence is Sexy  

(culture, politics, news, research studies and book recommendations)

WOW. Fantastic Baby  

(style, fashion, grooming, identity, health, fitness news and commentary)

So if you are interested, follow me! Oh wait, this isn’t Twitter…

Bookmark me, add me to your Favorites, “Like” me, Up-vote me, StumbleUpon me, sleep with me!

Oh, and by the way, I’m Max. Nice to meet you 😀