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How can You be Irresistible like James Bond?


Have Confidence, a sense of Humor, and be in Exciting Situations. 

1. Bond is supremely confident. This makes him super sexy. And believe it or not, neither men nor women prefer modest guys. Specifically, Bond has the personality of a SWAT team member; they differ from the average person by being extremely confident, a trait that is measured by “self-deceptive enhancement” in clinical psychology, which means he’s more emotionally stable and more resilient. But remember, confidence is not aggressiveness or arrogance; those are major turn-offs.

2. Bond is by no means a comedian but he knows the power of a well-timed one liner. Women are attracted to funny men because humor is a sign of intelligence. I personally prefer deadpan humor.

3. Women fall for him because he’s exciting to be around and this plays a much larger part in a relationship than most think. It’s the key to a great first date. Misattribution is at work here; when you do things exciting like ride roller coasters, your heart rate skyrockets. We experience the physiological change an our body, and while we can accurately attribute that raised heartbeat to the anxiety caused by the roller coaster, we are more likely to stick it on something else, like the amazingly wonderful date.

Bonus: Roller coasters make you horny. Seriously. “Heightened states of generalized CNS (central nervous system) arousal facilitates sexual arousal in both males and females”.

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