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How to Achieve the Perfect Kiss


A kiss conveys passion, love, affection, friendship and total unabashed sexual energy. When timed properly, it is one of the most enjoyable things two people can do with their clothes on.

1. Plan the kiss: If you’re going on a date and you plan on kissing, you need to prepare accordingly. Avoid eating anything pungent that might overwhelm the kiss. If you smoke, try not to smoke during the date. You might be fine with a smoker’s breath but to others, kissing you might seem like they’re kissing an ashtray. If you must, at least carry a mint or gum. Some floss wouldn’t hurt either. In short, be kissable. 

2. Initiating the kiss: Timing the kiss is important. An abrupt kiss will make it seem like you’re desperate and thus, not romantic. Take your time to look into their eyes, smile and lean in closer.  Watch their body language. If they are not ready, they will display subtle cues like looking away, putting their hand in front of their mouth or neck, or crossing their arms to create some distance between you. If this happens, move back a bit and try again.

3. The first kiss: If you succeed and your lips lock, congratulations! But don’t celebrate just yet; you can still screw it up. Don’t hold the first kiss too long and please, no tongue on the first kiss. After the quick peck, see how he reacts. Does he smile? Is he blushing? When you kiss, there is a huge rush of oxytocin that’s released in the brain, which acts similarly to a hit of cocaine. Don’t pounce back on him immediately; let a few moments pass and make him crave your kiss. The ensuing kisses will be much more pleasurable.

4. The second and third kisses: This is when French kissing becomes more appropriate. After the initial kiss, move back a little and look him in the eye and give him another peck with a little bit more ferocity. If this one feels right for the both of you, build up the passion and excitement in the kiss till you are in the throes of wild and very passionate kissing!

5. Don’t forget to use your hands!  Kissing is nice, but it will be so much better if you use your hands. Gently cup his cheeks when you kiss. Or, gently caress his shoulders and lower back.

Finally, kisses should not be confined to just the lips. Every part of his body can be kissed in a way that will drive him into an orgasmic bliss.

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