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The GAY (MAN)ual – 100 Things Every Man Should Know #1

How To Roll Up Your Sleeves… In Style


What: A Button-Down Shirt

Maybe it’s because I’m still 23, but there are few sartorial pleasures more sensual than slipping on a crisply pressed, finely fitted dress shirt at the break of dawn. And the more formal shirts, like the ones with French cuffs — worn exclusively with cufflinks — gives you that nice feeling like you’ve become part of the bourgeois~~

But back to reality. Since occasions to wear nice shirts like that are far and few between, let’s focus today on the here and now: how to look good and feel equally comfortable in every-day button-down shirts. Contrary to what some people may think, good style and practicality can go hand-in-hand. Rolling up your sleeves is practical when you’re about to engage in some sort of physical activity but it can also be utilized to achieve a casual-chic look that looks dapper for a man of any age.

When: 1. Practical Necessity — Washing your hands, doing heavy lifting where the wrists and forearms are strained, or working on something dusty are all perfectly normal reasons to pull back the shirt sleeves. Anytime your sleeves might get in the way or dirty or caught in a moving part — roll ‘em up. 

While the appropriateness of rolled sleeves varies by workplace, generally, anytime you’re in a place where there is direct sunlight, rolled sleeves are acceptable. They’re also nice when you work or live inside a place where the temperature fluctuates a great deal, as it’s nice to be able to roll them down when the A/C’s blowing on you, and roll them up when the room gets stuffy.

2. Casual Attitude — As a purely stylistic expression, rolled sleeves mostly serve to “dress down” something that would otherwise be too formal/dressy for the occasion. For example, upon leaving the office for a less-formal work function or social gathering, men with their jackets off and their sleeves rolled up is a classic “Happy Hour” style. A collared shirt with rolled up sleeves is also a popular look for men out at clubs and bars over the weekend. And when in charge of a meeting or hosting a party, it’s a great way to signal to others that it’s okay to not worry about formalities.

How: The Two-Step Method

1. Flip the cuff back past your elbow.


2. Take the bottom of the inside-out portion and fold it up until it traps the bottom of the cuff.


That’s It!

Here’s a diagram for those who are still confused:


The final look should be something like this:


or this:


but not this: 


The best part rolling up your sleeves this way is two-fold (pun intended): it leaves less creases and when you want to unroll the sleeve, you simply grip the exposed tip of the collar and pull it down. No more unrolling sleeves like a caveman.


Images: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m69depeIMG1r3wlbi.jpg, yesstyle.com, gq.com
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